The client gave me verbal consent to pull credit.

In situations where you need to pull credit through your PreApp account, but you don’t have an eSignature you can use the Verbal Authorization option.

The Verbal Authorization option is not viable in PreApp accounts by default, so you will need to navigate your settings and turn it on.

If your PreApp account is connected to a Corporate Account (not an individual account) you may not have the ability to change these settings. Send a detailed message to in this situation.

Click the Gear Icon on your dashboard, select Account Overview and click Branding/Settings on the Nav Menu to the left.

Toggle the option that allows for Verbal Authorization to YES, click the blue Update button at the bottom of the page, then log out of your account and log back in for this change to take effect.

Navigate back to the file in question, make sure all other required info pieces are present, then click Verbal Authorization on the Info Window that opens when you click the Info Icon beneath the Credit Reports column to have the eSignature requirement satisfied.