PreApp 1003 Mortgage App

PreApp 1003 is excited to announce that our new 3.0 upgrade is now live!

New 3.0 Features:

  • Purchase Scenarios
  • Templates for Closing Cost and Prepaids
  • Integration with LoanTek for Real-time Rates
  • Integration with MGIC for automatic PMI Calculations
  • Calculate DTI and Funds to Close
  • Issue Closing Cost Worksheets
  • Enhanced Mobile Phone Icon Feature
  • Text Credit Authorization for Phone Applications
  • Digital business card added to your icon page.
  • Text alert when someone opts in to your keyword.
  • JPG and PNG convert to PDF upon download of uploaded docs.
  • Borrower Notes
  • Bug Fixes

Current Features:

  • Cloud Based System
  • Mobile Platform
  • Text Initiated Pre-Qualification Form
  • Credit Reports
  • Video Greetings
  • Conditional Pre-Approval / Qualification Letters
  • Secure Document Upload
  • PreApp Toolbox Emailed to Borrowers
  • CRM Integrations
  • Corporate Accounts

Only $49 per user per month