PreApp 1003 Updates

PreApp 1003 2.4 Update

What’s new in 2.4?

PreApp 1003 is always striving to make business easier for the loan originator. Upon submission of a PreApp 1003, you now have the ability to obtain a credit report on a borrower and have the option for the borrower to pay for the report. There are many credit agencies to choose from and there will be more added in the coming weeks. To view a list of agencies, simply login to your account, go to settings, and click on Credit Report Credentials.

Other updates in 2.4
Easier navigation.
New borrower toolbox.
eConsent download for you and the borrower.
eSignature authorization agreement upon submission for the borrower.
New Video embed for your PreApp form and your Borrower toolbox.

What’s new in 2.2?

PreApp 1003 is always looking for ways to make things easier for you, the loan originator. We value your feedback and are constantly updating PreApp to better meet your needs. Below you will find some of the current updates that have been integrated into the PreApp 1003 system as well as future updates.

Current Updates:

Loan Approval Letters: We have added a Conditional Qualification Letter to your Loan Approval Letters. To keep up to date with compliance we have added this form. (Note: All states are different. If you see something that is not on these forms that your state requires please let us know by clicking here). We are always looking to keep to the highest standard in these forms.

PreApp Tools & Document Tools: You will now see “tools” on your User Information page. To access, just login to your account dashboard, go to menu, and click on User Information. Here you will find the PreApp and Document Tools. From this screen you can now share your PreApp form and Document upload link via text, email, or copy to embed on your website.