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PreApp1003 Mortgage App

PreApp 1003. Founded in 2015, Houston-based PreApp 1003 was created to fill a growing need for mortgage loan originators to easily and securely prequalify mortgage prospects from the convenience of their mobile devices. Being a cloud-based, text-initiated system, PreApp 1003 helps from the point of referral, to obtaining credit, calculating ratios and funds to close, to issuing closing cost worksheets and conditional pre-qualification letters. It is simply the most efficient way for a Mortgage Loan Originator to pre-qualify a prospective borrower all from a mobile device.

PreApp 1003 Features


The Mobile App That Is Not An App: PreApp 1003 is a cloud based pre-qualification system. There is nothing to download or install and no customer account to set up. We have removed these barriers and created the fastest and simplest way for someone to get pre-qualified.


Mobile 1003
  • Use your company logo
  • Pick your colors
  • Upload your photo
  • Embed videos


  • PreApp 1003 Utilizes Short Code Marketing Technology: The MLO will have the option to choose a “keyword” that is assigned to one of our five digit short codes. The prospective borrower would then text the “keyword” to that five-digit number and in return receives a link to the MLO’s personally branded PreApp form. The form collects enough information to fully pre-qualify while also obtaining authorization to pull credit and consent to E-disclosers. PreApp 1003 has been careful to not collect all six pieces of information which constitutes a formal residential mortgage loan application. The short code technology creates a whole new interactive way of marketing for the MLO.
  • PreApp 1003 Captures More Leads: When a prospective borrower texts the “keyword”, the MLO will receive an immediate text message which provides the mobile number of the prospect who just “opted in.”
  • PreApp 1003 Mobile Phone Icon Feature: Adding the PreApp 1003 icon to your mobile device is easy. The icon provides a shortcut that can be saved to the home screen on a mobile device. It is a simple way for the MLO and referral partners to text the pre-qualification form and other links to prospective borrowers.
  • MLO Notifications: When the prospect fills out the pre-qualification form, the MLO receives a text message alerting them of the new submission. The text includes the name and number of the prospective borrower and the name and number of the referral source. This allows the MLO to make contact and thank the referral partner.
  • Referral Partner Notifications: The system sends a customized “thank you” text to the referral partner on behalf of the MLO.


  • PreApp 1003 can be set up to pull credit reports through most credit providers
  • MLO can view scores and edit liabilities for accurate DTI calculations from their mobile device
  • Credit Score Disclosure is sent to password protected prospective borrower
  • Credit reference ID number is provided for reissue into
  • There are over 73 credit agencies to pick from and more to be added

Click here for list of providers


  • Program specific calculations
  • Automatic PMI calculations
  • Set program specific cc/pp templates
  • Calculate debt to income ratios
  • Calculate funds to close
  • Get real time rates and pricing through Optimal Blue or LoanTek integrations


For that anxious customer, PreApp 1003 provides a way for the MLO to issue a closing cost worksheet in a matter of minutes directly from a mobile device.


  • PreApp 1003 has created a way for the MLO to easily issue conditional qualification letters to borrowers and realtors from a mobile device.
  • MLO sets a “ceiling” sales price for the borrower which can be lowered at the borrower’s/realtor’s discretion removing the burden of issuing multiple letters.


  • Customizable checklist of items needed
  • Documents can be securely uploaded via mobile phone camera feature, dropbox, cloud storage, or scanned from a computer.
  • Once uploaded the MLO will receive a notification


Upon submission of a PreApp form, the prospective borrower will be redirected to their “PreApp Toolbox” where they can create an account to access certain functionality. A “thank you” email goes out with a link to the Toolbox.

Toolbox includes:

  • Password protected access to eConsent Form, eSignature Credit Authorization and if applicable, the Credit Score Disclosure
  • Customized notes to the borrower
  • Ability to add a “Next Steps” video
  • Button to finish the loan application (without all TRID 6 data)
  • Button to the document upload portal
  • Button for Digital Verifications
  • Button to check loan status updates (only available with LOS integration)
  • Access to conditional pre-approval letter (if applicable)
  • Access to Closing Cost Worksheets (if applicable)
  • Ability to add Toolbox icon to mobile device


PreApp 1003 was designed specifically for mobile platforms but works perfectly on desktop or laptop computers. Embed the PreApp 1003 pre-qualification form and document upload links on your existing website and email signatures for an affordable replacement of your current system.
Click here to contact us about custom websites and landing pages.


  • PreApp 1003 has integrations with most major loan origination systems. Contact us for details.
  • PreApp 1003 data can also be imported into any LOS via fnm3.2 file.


  • AccountChek™ Asset Report (FormFree)
  • Finicity
  • Avantus
  • DataVerify®
  • Informative Research
  • MeridianLink, Inc.
  • Partners Credit
  • SharperLending

More to come…..


PreApp 1003 takes security seriously. We use Armor, Inc. for our host servers and go through security assessment audits. Click here for more details.

We continue forward think and implement features to help you and your company stay in compliance.


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