Contract Processing Network (CPN) – Streamlined Collaboration for Efficient Loan Processing

Look no further than our in-house marketplace for contract processing. Stop Googling for the processing power you need to close your loans!

Connecting Brokers and Loan Originators with Contract Processing Companies 

The Contract Processing Network (CPN) is an integral part of our Loan Origination System (LOS) that brings together brokers, loan originators, and contract processing companies in a centralized network. Through the CPN, loan assignments become effortless, leading to real-time updates, seamless communication, and efficient collaboration on loan files between processors, loan officers, and customers. 

Streamlining Loan Assignments and Collaboration 

With CPN, we’ve designed a powerful solution to simplify and optimize the loan processing workflow. When contract processing companies join our network, brokers and loan originators gain access to a pool of trusted and capable partners for seamless loan assignments. This streamlined process ensures smooth handovers of loan files, reducing delays and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Key Features of the Contract Processing Network (CPN) 

  • Extensive Network Library: Our CPN houses a comprehensive database of contract processing companies, vetted for their reliability and expertise. Brokers and loan originators can easily search and select the ideal processing company they are licensed in to suit their specific loan requirements. 
  • Effortless Loan Assignments: The CPN allows for easy loan assignments from brokers and loan originators to the chosen contract processing company. This streamlined process eliminates the need for manual handoffs and minimizes potential errors. 
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates on loan processing status. The CPN ensures that all parties are up-to-date, providing transparency and clarity throughout the loan processing journey. 
  • Seamless Communication and Collaboration: With communication tools integrated into the CPN, loan officers, processors, and customers can collaborate seamlessly on loan files. The platform facilitates efficient sharing of information, documents, and updates. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: By bringing all parties onto a single platform, the CPN enhances the overall efficiency of the loan processing process. Quick access to necessary information and streamlined communication speeds up the decision-making and loan approval timelines. 

Why You Want the Contract Processing Network (CPN) 

  • Increased Productivity: The CPN optimizes loan assignments and collaboration, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and enabling loan officers and processors to focus on higher-value activities. 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Real-time updates and seamless communication enhance the customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction levels and stronger customer relationships. 
  • Access to Trusted Partners: With our extensive network library, you have access to a pool of reliable and experienced contract processing companies. Choose the best fit for each loan scenario, ensuring smooth processing and quick turnarounds. 
  • Compliance and Security: The CPN prioritizes compliance and data security, providing a safe and reliable platform for sensitive loan information and documents. 
  • Competitive Edge: Embrace the Contract Processing Network to gain a competitive edge in the market. Streamlined processes, efficient collaboration, and excellent customer service set you apart from the competition. 


In conclusion, the Contract Processing Network (CPN) within our Loan Origination System revolutionizes the loan processing workflow. Connecting brokers, loan originators, and contract processing companies in a centralized network ensures efficient loan assignments, real-time updates, and seamless collaboration. Embrace the power of the CPN to enhance productivity, improve the customer experience, and stay competitive in the dynamic mortgage industry.

Security & integrations

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