Introducing Broker Plus: Your Game-Changing Loan Origination System with Point of Sale

Broker Plus is a comprehensive Loan Origination System (LOS) designed to revolutionize loan origination for mortgage professionals. Our feature-rich LOS & POS combination comes with an intuitive user interface, delivering a seamless and efficient solution. 

Designed By A Broker, For Brokers

We understand the needs of brokers, which is why Broker Plus is tailored to optimize your workflow. Our Task Manager fosters smooth collaboration among your team, while the Document Manager offers secure storage, organization, and easy access to all loan files.

Stay Compliant and Efficient

Compliance Triggers keep you updated on disclosure deadlines, preventing costly mistakes and delays. Embrace the convenience of SignPlus, our proprietary eSignature Platform, enabling secure document signing from anywhere. With custom print groups from our extensive Disclosure Library and the ability to create personalized disclosure documents, Broker Plus adapts to your specific needs.

Automated Underwriting and Real-Time Pricing

Empower your customers with rapid pre-qualification using our Automated Underwriting integration with DU and LP. Within minutes, they’ll know their qualifying loan amount. Additionally, our Product & Pricing Engine provides instant real-time rates and product information, enabling you to deliver accurate quotes swiftly.

Simplify NMLS Reporting and Gain Insights

Generate NMLS Call Reports with a couple of clicks and receive a downloadable XML file for easy submission to the NMLS website. Gain valuable insights into your company’s profitability and identify efficiency bottlenecks with our user-friendly and robust custom reporting engine.

Streamlined Operations and Exceptional Experiences

Mortgage point of sale software streamlines the loan application process for borrowers and lenders, facilitating efficient communication, document management, and decision-making throughout the mortgage transaction. Broker Plus consolidates multiple functionalities into one easy-to-use platform, encompassing LOS (Loan Origination System), POS (Point of Sale), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), DMS (Document Management System), PPE (Product & Pricing Engine), and Esign (Electronic Signature). This streamlines your operations, increases efficiency, and ensures compliance, leading to exceptional experiences for both your customers and team.

In summary, Broker Plus is the complete solution for mortgage professionals, built by industry experts with brokers’ needs in mind. LOS platforms streamline your processes, save time, stay compliant, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with our all-in-one platform – Broker Plus.

Security & integrations

PreApp continuously backs up data securely on the cloud using state-of-the-art encryption. Our servers are protected and compliant through AWS, a leading global cybersecurity software company. Users can also streamline their workflow and stay organized with various integrations and partner connections.