SignPlus: Your Proprietary eSignature Platform

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Streamlined Digital Signatures

Streamline Your Signature Process with SignPlus 
With SignPlus, our proprietary eSignature platform, you can revolutionize your document signing process and go completely paperless. Experience the convenience and efficiency of secure digital signatures that enable you to close deals faster and enhance customer experiences. 
Unlocking the Power of SignPlus 
Embrace the future of document signing with SignPlus, our cutting-edge eSignature platform, designed to simplify your workflows and eliminate the hassles of traditional paper-based signatures. SignPlus ensures that your documents are legally binding and secure, providing you and your clients with peace of mind. 

Key Features of SignPlus, Your Proprietary eSignature Platform 
  • Easy and Intuitive: SignPlus offers a user-friendly interface, making it effortless for both you and your clients to sign documents electronically. Say goodbye to printing, scanning, and mailing paper documents. 
  • Secure and Compliant: Rest assured that your documents are protected with robust security measures, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with industry regulations. SignPlus adheres to the highest security standards to safeguard your sensitive information. 
  • Faster Turnaround Times: With SignPlus, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to obtain signatures from all parties involved. Accelerate your document approval process and close deals quicker than ever before. 
  • Mobile-Friendly: Our platform is accessible from any device, including smartphones and tablets, allowing you and your clients to sign documents on the go. Embrace the flexibility of SignPlus, enabling you to conduct business from anywhere. 
  • Real-Time Tracking: Keep track of the signing progress with real-time notifications and updates. No more wondering about the status of your documents – SignPlus keeps you informed every step of the way. 
  • Audit Trail: SignPlus generates a comprehensive audit trail, providing a detailed record of the signing process. This feature ensures transparency and accountability, enhancing the legal validity of your documents. 
  • Multiple Document Support: Sign multiple documents in one go, streamlining bulk signing processes and saving time. SignPlus is equipped to handle various types of documents, making it ideal for large-scale operations. 

Security & integrations

PreApp continuously backs up data securely on the cloud using state-of-the-art encryption. Our servers are protected and compliant through AWS, a leading global cybersecurity software company. Users can also streamline their workflow and stay organized with various integrations and partner connections.