Native CRM

The missing puzzle piece to complete your mortgage operations is our custom built Customer Service Relationship Manager (CRM). Specifically designed for mortgage services, our CRM facilitates seamless connections between you and your clients.

Connect and stay connected!

Native CRM – Strengthening Your Mortgage Operations 
Unlock the missing puzzle piece in your mortgage operations with our tailor-made Customer Service Relationship Manager (CRM). Our Native CRM is purpose-built for mortgage services, fostering seamless connections between you and your clients. 
Connect And Stay Connected! 
Harness the power of our Native CRM to engage with existing clients and potential leads through multiple channels, including text messages, emails, drip campaigns, and scheduled reminders for future interactions. Create specific groups for targeted campaigns and collaborate on co-branded initiatives with realtors. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of our mortgage-focused CRM, bringing your business together. 

Seamless Client Communication 
Effortlessly communicate with your clients through our CRM’s intuitive interface. With just a few clicks, reach out via email, SMS, or even video communication. Stay connected, provide updates, and address queries with ease. 

Contact Management 
Maintain a comprehensive and organized client database in one centralized location. Store contact details, loan information, and relevant documents securely. Access client profiles instantly, saving time and enhancing productivity. 

Automated Reminders and Notifications 
Never miss an important milestone or follow-up again. Set up automated reminders and notifications for tasks, appointments, or upcoming mortgage milestones. Stay on top of your schedule and ensure timely client communication. 

Customization and Personalization 
Tailor the CRM to match your mortgage business needs. Customize fields, labels, and workflows to align with your processes and terminology. Personalize client interactions based on satisfaction levels and add recorded videos directly to contacts for enhanced communication. 

Distribution Groups 
At Broker Plus, we understand the significance of effective client communication. Utilize our distribution groups feature to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Enhance customer experience, streamline campaigns, boost conversion rates, and gain valuable data-driven insights. By leveraging segmentation within the CRM, Loan Officers can deliver personalized, targeted messages that resonate with their audience, leading to higher satisfaction, increased loyalty, and business growth. 

Utilities Section 
Our CRM’s utilities section offers powerful features, including customizable fields, co-branded campaign signatures, personalized campaigns, and enhanced realtor management. Gather relevant information, maintain brand consistency, and customize marketing strategies for maximum impact and fruitful relationships with contacts and realtors. 

Strategically drive marketing initiatives within our CRM, targeting specific customer segments to achieve lead generation, sales growth, brand promotion, or customer relationship nurturing. Define objectives, identify target audiences, create compelling messaging, select appropriate channels, leverage automation and personalization, track and analyze campaign performance, manage leads, and continuously improve strategies based on data and feedback. CRM campaigns aim to engage customers, deliver tailored messages, and drive desired outcomes by leveraging customer data and automation. 
Elevate your mortgage business with the Native CRM by Broker Plus, delivering seamless connectivity and personalized experiences for your clients and realtor partners.

Security & integrations

PreApp continuously backs up data securely on the cloud using state-of-the-art encryption. Our servers are protected and compliant through AWS, a leading global cybersecurity software company. Users can also streamline their workflow and stay organized with various integrations and partner connections.