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Adding Lenders to a File

When you want to select a specific lender while originating your file:

  • Open the file
  • Select Assignments/Tracking – Parties
  • Add Lender by selecting the person+ icon at top right
  • Select your parties as “Lender” and the lender from the drop down.
  • Once added or saved, your lender is officially added to the file.

*If you do not see a list of lenders in your dropdown, contact your Corporate Administrator to have them added. 

Select File > Assignments/Tracking > Parties > Add Party
How to remove a lender from your file
  • Open the file
  • Select Assignments/Tracking – Parties
  • Select person w/gear icon to the right of the Lender you wish to remove.
  • Click the dropdown and select “Remove”
  • Click “Update Lender” and your lender is officially removed from the file.
Active Pipeline > File Number > Assignments/Tracking > Parties > Select “Lender” > Select specific lender from dropdown > “Add” to save

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