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Add or Edit Company Info

Company information is indeed crucial for setting up and maintaining an account properly, especially in a business context. This information serves several purposes, including compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, building trust with customers, and ensuring accurate and professional communication. Here are some key pieces of company information that are typically important for account setup:

  • Legal Business Name: This is the official name under which your company is registered. It’s important for legal and financial documents.
  • Corporate NMLS: This is essential for reporting and compliance.
  • Business Address: Your physical business location is often required for legal and compliance purposes.
  • Contact Information: This includes phone numbers and email addresses for customer inquiries and official communication.
  • Website: If your business has a website, providing the URL is essential for online visibility and customer reference.
  • Company Logo: A company logo is often used on customer-facing materials and websites for branding and recognition.
  • Company Colors: This will be seen by the borrower while filling out the application, you will want a color that matches your logo. If left white, the contact information in the logo will not be visible.

*Corporate Admin only may add, edit or remove Corporate Information.

Gear Icon (top right) > System Settings > Branding/Settings (left menu) > Scroll down > “Update” to save

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