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Mortgagee Clauses serve to protect the lender’s interests, whether it’s about the property’s ownership (title) or safeguarding its value through insurance in case of damage or loss. Mortgagee addresses are specific and often different from the Lender’s address. It is important to carefully review your mortgage documents to understand the specific addresses and contacts for both the lender and the mortgagee in context of title and insurance issues.

*Only Corporate Admin may add, edit or remove Mortgagee information.

    • Name: Lender contact name, if relevant.
    • Company: Lender legal name.
    • Company Address: Specific mortgagee address.
    • Lender “Company ” NMLS: This is essential for reporting and compliance.
    • Cell Phone Number: Lender contact cell phone number, if relevant.
    • Company Phone number: Mortgagee department  phone number.
    • Email: Mortgagee department email.
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